Paje by kite

Important notice: due to disruption caused by Covid-19 crisis worldwide we might not be able to open the Kite school for the 2020 summer fall. Please check with us for updates. Lockers for indipendent riders will be avaialble as usual.

Our legendary kite centre, Paje by Kite, is located on the beachfront along with The Beach House, the perfect spot to relax and chill out on the beach enjoying our beans sunbeds, Italian gelato, big salad and light meals.

Zanzibar, and Paje in particular, is among one of the top destinations in the world and in Africa to learn how to kitesurf.

The reef is far off-shore and offers beautiful waves for experienced kite surfer. The knee-deep lagoon, steady mild wind and flat water make the perfect spot to go strapless and to learn and improve new tricks and skills: absolutely perfect for beginners and freestylers.

And if you think Kite surfing is not enough, we have an amazing Yoga School too: the re-hub yoga school of Zanzibar!



Official Airush Kiteboarding School
Instructors: IKO
Kites:  AIRUSH KITEBOARDING  (same year production)
Boards: mixed brands
Harness: mixed brands

Kite surfing is one of our passions. Paje by Kite was the first Kite chool in Paje founded over 10 years ago by a bunch of enthusiastic friends. The motto has always been enjoy, have fun and deliver a personalized top quality kite surfing tuition. We definitely prefer to focus on private lessons, the most effective way to have you quickly on board and ready to ride … no doubt what you also want … but we also operate group courses and the best combination of mixed lessons.

At the end of each season (September and mid-February) we sell our used gear for a very convenient price.


COURSES + LESSONS (price list Mar 2020 – Mar 2021):

These 3 packages combine beginners. Intermediate and independence lessons: All what you need to become an independent kite-surfer:


Full Independence Package : 6 HRS – 360     
Full Independence Package : 9 HRS – 500  

GROUP PACKAGE (1 instructor – 2 students):

Full Independence Package : 9 HRS – 360 per person  ***
Full Independence Package : 12 HRS – 500 per person   ***
*** 10% extra discount per person for group of 3+ people


9 hrs: 3 hrs group lessons + 6 hrs private lessons: 460 per person 
9 hrs: 6 hrs group lessons + 3 hrs private lessons: 400 per person 
The best combination of group and private lessons!
Save some money and shares first hours with friends … end the course with private classes to focus on your needs and improve faster !


A course that combines the essential of theory and pratice to introduce you to kite-surfing: safety, equipment selection, preparation of equipment, safety systems, principles of nature based dangers, safe wind directions, control of a small kite on land, principles of control over normal sized kite, kite control with deepower on land and water, launching and landing a kite, water relaunch, self rescue.

140 per person 
2 hrs Private one-on-one lessons OR 3 hrs Group lessons (1 instructor – 2 students)

All you need to stand up on the board after having learnt to master kite control.
Power, control and agility based lessons. Generating and handling kite power throughout power moves, steady pulls, downwind and upwind bodydrags, steady pull with the board, water start theory, first board water start, first surf on the board.

140 per person 
2 hrs Private one-on-one lessons OR 3 hrs Group lessons (1 instructor – 2 students)

This package combines the discovery and the water start package: safely stand up on the board and feel the vibe of kiteboarding !

260 per person 
4 hrs Private one-on-one lessons OR 6 hrs Group lessons (1 instructor – 2 students)

All advanced kiteboarding manouvers that will push you to full independence !
Theory of going upwind, body positioning, board work, kite positioning within wind window, mistakes correction, effective kite power use, First transitions, first toeside riding, theory of jump, first jumps.

140 per person 
2 hrs Private one-on-one lessons OR 3 hrs Group lessons (1 instructor – 2 students)


For advanced kite-boarders already kiting on their own who would like a reminder of previously learnt kite abilities and who needs to get confidence before getting into the new kite spot. Mistakes correction and assurance on the spot.

2 hrs (our equipment):   120
2 hrs (your equipment): 100


Price for …   1 session: Full Day:
      3 HRS 6 HRS
Full equipment    €         50  €         70
Kite      €         30  €         50
Board      €         20  €         30
Harness      €          10  €         15


    7 DAYS (20% DC) 10 DAYS (25% DC) 14 DAYS (30% DC)
    1 session Full day 1 session Full day 1 session Full day
Full equipment  €       280  €       390  €       375  €       525  €       500  €           700
Kite    €        165  €       280  €       225  €       375  €       300  €           500
Board    €        110  €        165  €       150  €       225  €       200  €           300

* Rental requirements: consistent riding in all directions including upwind. We reserve the right to convert the rental into course / lessons should the person not meet the requirements.
** Long term calculation of accessories rental is made individually upon request.


Price for …                      1 DAY     8 DAY     15 DAYS     21 DAYS     30 DAYS

Full equipment                $ 10        $ 33         $ 54            $ 72              $ 99 

Storage includes:
launching, landing assistance | beach service | washing facilities | pack-down | kite washing.
Please note that wet kites are not allowed in the hotel’s room.

School opens from 15th June to 15 October – from 1st December to end of February.
Open daily 7 days a week from 09.00 to 18.00

For information on winds see our page dedicated to Seasons